The Season 10 will end afterthe Maintenance, and Season 11 Pre-Season will begin:

- During the Pre-Season, any RPobtained will be soft-reset when Season 11 begins.

- During the Pre-Season,rewards from the RP achievements will not be distributed until Season 11begins.

- There will be renewal to thein-game for this Pre-Seaon. Please check the details of the renewal in thePatch Notes.

1. Lobby

1.1. Tech Lab Update
‘Adventures of Lumia’ – themed limited items will be updated in the Tech Lab.

NewSkins added

- Archer Rio (Live2D AnimatedSkin)

- Huntress Lenox

- Berserker Magnus

(Theseitems will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completiondate February 16th, 2022 ~ March 2nd, 2022. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtainthe Tech Lab products.)

(*Remaining Mileage will automatically change to Gems upon update*)

NewTheme and Deco Items

- New background theme and newdecoration items added related to ‘Adventures of Lumia’

In-gameSearch Effect Items

- Spirit of the Flame (Limited)

- Berserker’s Knight Helm

- Potion

1.2. New Character added
New character Elena will be added into character roster.


- Queen of Excursion Elena skin

- Elena’s Research Journal 4types (excluding Interview)

- Elena’s Character & SkinPackage Limited Sale

1.3. New Tournament
Items added

New items are added to the Tournament Shop.

Newmonologue added

- Tia’s Monologue

1.4. New ThemeCollection added
Two new theme collections will be added to the game

Newlyadded collections

- 2020 Born to Be Bad

- 2021 April First of Lumia2021

1.5. Character Voice

The following characters voice actors have changed with basic/monologue/skinvoices as well.


- Basic skin (English)

- Drama Actress Jenny (English)

- Tinkerbell Jenny (English)


- Basic skin (Korean/English/Japanese)


- Basic skin (Korean/English)

- Succubus Rozzi(Korean/English)

- Monologue (Korean/English)


- Basic skin (English)

- Hairstylist Daniel (English)

- Phantom Daniel (English)


- Basic skin (Korean/English)

- Hoodlum Echion(Korean/English)


- Basic skin (Japanese)

- Monologue (Japanese)


- Basic skin (Korean)

- Monologue (Korean)

1.6. Pre-Season Event
Daily attendance
log-in event will be added into the game

1.7. ExperimentalTest Reward
Players who
participated in the Experimental Test will receive a researcher title as a beta

Researchertitle distributed:

- Investment Committee

1.8. Type System
related to the character specialty type system will be added into the game.

2. Bugfixes


- Fixed an error innotification popped up as 2 kills when Jenny had successfully eliminated aplayer.