1. Lobby
1.1. Tech Lab Update
The 33rd Mystery PC lineup ‘Aglaia’s Supply’ has been released. This Tech Lab will focus on new
skins and avatars, emoticons, and background themes. For more in-depth details, players may check
on [Preview] announcements.
New Skins added
 Suspicious Santa Alex (Live2D Animated Skin)
New Avatars added
 Home Call Cathy Avatar
 Hoodlum Luke Avatar
New Emoticons added
 Yuletide Banquet Lenox Emoticon Set
 RudoLuke Emoticon Set
Re-release of Products
 New Year's Streamer Eleven (Live2D) / New Year's Drunker Li Dailin / New Year's Hacker JP
/ Lion Dance's Shining Mask (Search Effect) / 畵龍點睛 (Painting a Dot on Dragon's Eye)
(Background) / Skater Silvia (Live2D)
(*These items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date
December 29th, 2021 ~ January 12th, 2022. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech
Lab products.*)
※Remaining Mileage will automatically change to Gems upon update

2. PvP
2.1. Jackie
Hide and Seek (both Classic and Team)
 Cooldown time : 50seconds→40seconds
2.2. Camilo
 Lv1 Atk : 14→16
2.3. Jan
 Atk growth : 2→2.1
2.4. Aptitude
Ammo Supply/Reinforcement
 Changes to FMJ bullet effect
Armor penetration rate : 8%→5%
 Reducing Stamina when Move/Search → Reducing Stamina when Search