1. Lobby

1.1. Tech Lab Update
‘As You Wish’ – themed limited items will be updated in the Tech Lab.
New Skins added
・Butler Bernice (Live2D Animated Skin)
・Butler Rozzi
・Maid Jenny
(These items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date September 15th, 2021 ~ September 29th, 2021. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech Lab products.)
(*Remaining Mileage will automatically change to Gems upon update*)

New Theme and Deco Items
・New background theme and new decoration items added related to ‘As You Wish’

In-game Search Effect Items
・Antique Hunter-Case Pocket Watch (Limited)
・Golden Candelabra
・Lavish Teacup

1.2. New Character added
New character, Tia is added to the game.
Tia release
・Artist Tia skin
・Tia’s 4 Research Journals (excluding ‘Interview’)
・Limited time sale for Tia character & skin package

1.3. Release of Aglaia’s Pass Episode 12
The Episode in Aglaia’s Pass unravels various kinds of stories that are going on with specific Test Subjects during the experimentation. Players are able to progress with the story by meeting certain conditions and earn rewards upon completion.
・Aglaia’s Pass Episode 12 ‘Singularity’ release
-       Episode story
-       Episode Character Skins (Exclusive to BS Pass / BS Pass+)
-       * New Leaf Jackie (Live2D)
* Guardian HyunWoo
-       Episode BGM (Exclusive to BS Pass / BS Pass+)
* Hide-and-Seek (Lobby BGM)
            (*There might be slight differences in the Live2D animation compared to the community post animation that was announced. *)

1.4. New Tournament Items added
New items are added to the Tournament Shop.
Newly monologue added
・Johann’s Monologue

1.5. New Voice Packs added
Two new voice packs will be added for sale.
Newly added voice packs
・Maid Adela
・Ao Dai Mai

1.6. New Theme Collection added
Two new theme collections will be added to the game
Newly added collections
・2019 Spooky Halloween
・2020 Spring Wedding

1.7. New PvE items added
New items will be available for PvE in the game
Newly added skins
・Enraged Jackie
・Enraged Nicky

1.8. UI/UX improvements
Players will get to experience better quality-of-life features which will be added into the game
・The Avatars script display structure will be improved
・Drone supplies will be automated when players are resting
・(Exclusive for STEAM) Shortcut keys will not be activated when players have completely move to another area

2. PvP

2.1. Improvements on Arrow Supply Aptitude
The Arrow Supply aptitude will be added reinforcement effect.
・Grants ‘Force Arrow’ effect to the existing equipped arrows when using Arrow Supply
Force Arrow : The next 2 arrows will be reloaded as Force Arrows, and does not consume the existing arrows.

2.2. Requesting for Supply
The category of items to select when requesting for supply has been increased.
Items added into enhancement category:

2.3. Fiora
Weapon Polishing (Classic)
・Grants ‘Fiora’s Touch’ effect on weapon when activated
Fiora’s Touch : Prevents weapon from breaking for 2 times.

2.4. Aya
Justice (Classic and Team)
・Recover HP equal to the current number of stacks : 8 → 7

2.5. Cathy
・‘Bleeding’ effect duration : 8 seconds → 6 seconds

2.6. Celine
・Lv1 Armor : 16 → 12

2.7. Item Adjustments
Removed the additional item effect
・Meteor Gauntlet
ATK : 42 → 45
・Spy Umbrella
Additional damage when attacking : 25 → 30

3. PvE

3.1. New characters for PvE
Players are now able to use these characters in PvE mode:

3.2. Added new item skills
Item skills will be added to these following items:
・Spear of Longinus (Sanguine Miracle)
・Bloody Chakram (Crimson Circle)
・Tactical OPS Helmet (Holovisor)
・EOD Suit (Boom Boom Phew!)
・Sword of Shah Jahan (Spirit of Shah Jahan)
・Draupnir (Baker's Dozen)
・EOD Boots (Explosion Proof)
・Schrodinger's Box (Schrodinger's Box)
・Quiver of Infinity (Arrow craft)

3.3. Added new Enraged Test Subjects
New Enraged Test Subjects have been added: Enraged Jackie, Enraged Nicky

4. Bugfixes

・Fixed the abnormal occurrences when a quick slot for Ammo Supply/Reinforcement aptitude was automatedly changed to normal slot.
・Fixed the error in selecting items in the drone supply pop-up when requesting for drone supply again.
・Fixed the repetitive display selection of Iron Ore items in the drone supply pop-up.
・Fixed the missing corpse of enemy when the enemy was killed with Sticky Bomb’s damage.
・Fixed the inactivation of Veritas Lux Mea skill on weapon breaking.

・Fixed the glitch when 2 cards were combined during combat on screen.
・Fixed the occurrences when a player can only use a newly generated card when generating a special card for Hart/Zahir.
・Fixed the error when an enemy could only use 1-star card.

・Fixed the occurrences when a player’s status is displayed abnormally after dying if the local time of the device is set earlier than the server.