The Season 10 will start after the Maintenance. The following changes will be applied with the
beginning of the new season:
  • The TOP100 players in Season 9 will be added in the Season 9 Hall of Fame.
  • Rewards will be distributed according to the highest RP achieved in Season 9.
  • Season 9 Test Subject vote benefits will be distributed.
  • RP for Carnivore League will be soft-reset.
  • The conditions to purchase promotion packages will be reset.
  • Season 9 Ranking stats will be updated.

1. Lobby

1.1. Tech Lab Update
‘Dream on Stage’ – themed limited items will be updated in the Tech Lab.

New Skins added
  • Idol Celine (Live2D Animated Skin)
  • Idol Nathapon
  • Idol Mai
    (These items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date August 18th, 2021 ~ September 1st, 2021. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech Lab products.)
    (*Remaining Mileage will automatically change to Gems upon update*)

New Theme and Deco Items
New background theme and new decoration items added related to ‘Dream on Stage’

In-game Search Effect Items
  • Concert Lightstick (Limited)
  • Idol Photocard
  • Idol Balloon

1.2. New Tournament Items added
New items will be added to the Tournament Shop.
New Monologue added
Chloe’s Monologue

1.3. New PvE Items added
New items will be available for PvE Membership is added.
Labýrinthos Membership
  • Labýrinthos Membership provides free 3 additional entrances daily for 30 days.
  • Free entrance will be reset per day.
  • Number of free entrances does not overlap when purchasing membership twice within the period.
  • Purchasable up to 70 days only.

Labyrinth Token Booster
  • Provide 100% more Labyrinth Tokens for 30 days
  • Purchasable up to 70 days only.

1.4. Voice Packs added
Two new voice packs will be added for sale.
Newly added voice packs
  • Idol HyunWoo
  • Idol JP
1.5. New Theme Collection added
Two new theme collections will be added to the game
Newly added collections
  • 2018 Very Merry Christmas
  • 2019 Three Kingdoms
1.6. Research Result Adjustments
Tissue Engineering
Special Result : Rapid Remodeling
  • Cooldown time : 80 secs→30 secs
  • Cooldown time reduction : 80%→ 60%

2. PvP

2.1. Supply Request function added
After the start of a match, when a player succeeded to survive for each designated time, a drone will allow players to request and claim simple ingredients or recovery items.
Drone appearing period
  • Drone will appear 6 minutes after the match commenced (duration for 180 seconds)
  • Drone will appear 11 minutes and 30 seconds after the match commenced (duration for 180
Applicability on match
  • Classic matches(Normal/Ranked/Single/Private/Tournament)
2.2. Rankings according to Regional Servers
Starting from this season, rankings will be set for each server in Seoul/Singapore/Ohio. In case where players have multiple rankings in these regional servers, the most number of ranked records in one of the servers will be registered.

2.3. Rio
HP Growth : 5→6 (Upon Lv18. 221 → 238)

2.4. Adela
Check (Classic)
Conditions that resets the skill’s cooldown time : When the enemy’s HP is below 40%→50%
Cooldown time : 100 seconds → 80 seconds
2.5. Item Revision
Axe of Pangu
-Item options added : Weapon defect chance +10%
-Weapon break chance : 9%→13%

3. PvE

3.1. Weekly Ranking introduced
From this update, the weekly ranking for PvE will be added, and players will be rewarded based on their weekly rankings.

3.2. Shortcut Keys for PvE
Players in STEAM version will be able to use shortcut keys in PvE.

3.3. New characters for PvE
Players are now able to use these characters in PvE mode:
  • Eleven
  • Hart
  • Fiora
3.4. Rio
HP Growth : 5→6

4. Bugfixes

  • General
  • Fixed an error when players tapped ‘back’ marking when viewing ranking statistics and previous seasons.
  • PvP
  • Fixed the overlapped skill icon during crafting for a higher-grade weapon when players are currently equipping weapons with ‘Stellar Energy’ or ‘FMJ’.
  • Fixed the occurrences where players are able to view the enemy’s chat messages in private team match’s waiting room.
  • Fixed the abnormal display of texts when players simultaneously activated HP/Stamina recovery skills when a weapon defect.
  • PvE
  • Fixed the abnormal size of icon thumbnail displayed on screen during match preparation.
  • Fixed the abnormally display of enemy and team members’ skin texture.