[Notice] Aglaia's quest issue - Compensation Reward

Following the ban of Johann after the 9.4.00 update, some users could not complete the quest that required them to complete a game with Johann (from April 28th to April 29th).
The character that has to be selected will the condition of the quest will be adapted through an additional patch which will be applied within today.
We are sorry for the inconvenience you may have encountered and will distribute 200 Experiment Memories for each day to every user who had received the above-mentioned quest

[Aglaia's quest issue - Compensation Reward]
- Details: Players who received the quest 'Play Johann and complete a game' from April 28th to April 29th
- Reward: 200 Experiment Memories (per day)

We will do our best to prevent similar issues to happen in the future.