1. Lobby

1.1. Tech Lab Update
‘Gothic Banquet’ — themed limited items will be updated in the Tech Lab.
New skins added:

  • Goth Rozzi (Live2D Animated Skin)
  • Goth Aya
  • Goth Camilo

(These items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date April 28th, 2021 ~ Mai 12th, 2021. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech Lab products.)

(*Remaining Mileage will automatically change to Gems upon update*)

New Theme and Deco Items

  • New background theme and new decoration items added related to ‘Gothic Banquet’

In-game Search Effect Items

  • Smoky Quartz Chandelier (Limited)
  • Smoky Quartz Brooch
  • Hand Lantern

1.2. New Tournament Items Added
New Items will be added to the Tournament Shop.
New Monologue added

  • Adela’s Monologue

New Skin added

  • Cadet Barbara (Live2D)

1.3. Voice Packs Added
Two new voice packs will be added for sale
Newly added voice packs

  • Butler Nathapon
  • Maid Emma

1.4. New Theme Collection Added
2 New theme collections will be added to the game
Newly added collections:

  • Back to School
  • Black Rose

1.5. Wiki content added
The new content has been added to the Codex, proving players more lore content.

1.6. Test Subject voting – Season 9
The voting which determines the rewards for the current season will start after the update.
New voting miles system added

  • 1 Vote Stamp will be acquired each time a Voting Ticket is used. Vote Stamps can be exchanged in the Vote Shop.

The Vote Shop provides different items

  • Art Book
  • Voice Packs
  • Other Currencies

Free Voting Tickets

  • Free voting Tickets can be acquired through daily quests.

UI enhancement

  • Vote Dashboard added.

1.7. UI/UX enhancement
Several functions have been enhanced to provide players a better experience.
Lobby - Drop-down menu improvement

  • Drop-down display enhancement.
  • Voting added to the drop-down menu.

Codex Icon enlargement

2. Combat

2.1. AI system enhancement
AI behaviors have been improved to provide a more natural game experience.
Better Item crafting decisions.

Use of combat skills.

2.2. Improvement and release of the new item navigation system
The new item crafting navigation system that had been added with our previous update is now officially implemented. A switch button has been added to allow players to choose between the two existing navigation systems.
UI/UX Enhancement

  • A button has been added to switch between the previous and the new item crafting navigation system.
  • The font of the new item crafting navigation system has been changed to be the same as the one used with the previous system.
  • Color-based on item rarity has been added.


  • The bug of items that can be stacked (such as traps or thrown weapons) disappeared from the crafting navigation menu after being crafted has been fixed.
  • The UI issue with the navigation folding system has been fixed.

User’s settings

  • The new item navigation system, which is based on areas, will be set as default for new players.

2.3. Barbara

Body Modification (Classic Match)

  • Bonus based on the item’s grade: 1/3/5/10/15 → 1/3/6/11/15

2.4. Isol
Guerilla Warfare (Classic Match)

  • The Mastery bonus obtained upon setting a trap has been raised by 25%

2.5. Silvia

Blitz (Classic and Team Match)

  • +23% crit rate per stack → for each stack, +23% crit rate, crit dmg reduces by -4%


  • Lv.1 Stamina: 140 → 152

2.6. Li Dailin

Drunken Master (Classic and Team Match)

  • New graphic effect added upon using skill

2.7. Chiara

Judgment (Classic and Team Match)

  • Stigma's stacks do not reset upon using Judgment anymore

Using Stigma applies ‘Shrine of Corruption’ to the current area:

  • Duration: 20Sec
  • Shrine of Corruption: Chiara's stamina cost for searching in the current area becomes 0, and her chances to find an enemy or at least two items are increased by 50%.

2.8. Camilo

Duende (Classic and Team Match)

  • The skill now has charges (60-seconds cooldown, 5 charges, effects don’t stack up)
  • When using Duende, Camilo recovers HP/Stamina corresponding to the amount of HP/Stamina gained as a bonus

2.9. Sissela

Agony-Bearer (Classic and Team Match)

  • Max stacks number: 6 → 7

2.10. Adela

Promotion (Classic and Team Match)

  • Number of stacks required for weapon Promotion: 3/10/40/75 → 3/10/35/70

2.11. Jan

Hot-blooded Combo (Classic and Team Match)

  • Jan no longer obtains extra stacks when attacking an enemy after using Hot-blooded Combo

2.12. Chloe

Marionette (Classic and Team Match)

  • Duration: 60Sec → 40Sec


  • Lv.1 Armor: 20 → 16

2.13. Celine

Reshaping (Classic and Team Match):

  • Weapons with ‘DEW’ effect are now excluded from the reshaping items’ list.
    • Excluded weapons: Electron Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Polaris.

2.14. Items

2 new items added

- Scarab Bracelet
* Category: arm
* Grade: epic
* Flint + Crimson Bracelet
* Stats:
- Armor: +30
- Dmg taken: -3
- Delay after moving (moving cooldown): -30%

- Long Serpent Spear
* Category: stab
* Grade: epic
* Halberd Axe + Tree of Life
* Stats:
- Atk + 47
- Crit rate +3%

Starsteel Twin Sword

  • Grade: Rare → Epic
  • Atk: 42 → 45

Storm Bolt

  • Crafted quantity: 15 → 25

David’s Sling

  • Arcane Stone + Adamantium → Arcane Stone + Glue Lump

Bow of Apollo

  • Arcane Stone + Steel → Arcane Stone + Long Crossbow

Commander’s Armor

  • Chain Armor + Gold → Chain Armor + Oilcloth

Amazoness Armor

  • Armor: 55 → 60

Butler’s Suit

  • New effect added: Max stamina +20

2.15. Map


  • Scissors

* 2 → 0

  • Scissors

* 0 → 2
3. Bugfixes
  • The bug when Arden Will was not activated upon killing an enemy even when possessing 10+ Octagon Fever stacks has been fixed.
  • The issue when the avatar’s dialogues were not displayed when several avatars were in the Avatar Room has been fixed.
  • The bug when avatars’ interaction with the test subject’s bed was not displayed in the Avatar Room has been fixed.
  • The theme collection scenarios cannot be played anymore when queuing for a game.
  • The bug of the cut scenes not being displayed properly and the skip button not answering after re-opening the Codex pop-up window has been fixed.
  • The issue of the game closing pop-up window being displayed after entering and leaving the bag menu has been fixed.