1. Lobby

1.1. Tech Lab Update

‘April First of Lumia 2021’ — themed limited items will be updated in the Tech Lab.
New Skins added

  • Rozzi Mai (Live2D Animated Skin)
  • Biancline(Live2D Animated Skin)
  • hyunky

(These product items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date March 31st, 2021 ~ April 14th, 2021. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech Lab products.)
(*Remaining Mileage will be automatically converted to Gems upon update*)

New Theme and Deco Items

  • New background theme and new decoration items added related to ‘April first of Lumia 2021’

In-game Search Effect Items

  • Mysterious Blood Bag (Limited)
  • Handkerchief and Bullet Necklace
  • Weird Dog Collar

1.2. New Character Release

A new character, Celine has been released.

Celine Release

  • Maniac Collector Celine (Skin)
  • Celine’s Research Journal (Except Interview)
  • Celine Character and Live2D Skin integrated pack will be on sale for a limited period

(*New Character Packs include the Live2D skin of the newly released character*)

1.3. New Packs added

New Items will be added to the Tournament Shop.
New Monologue added

  • Bianca’s Monologue

1.4. New Packs added

New items will be added to the game.
First Purchase Event Pack.

  • A pack including a Skin will be available to purchase after receiving one of the free characters from the First Purchase Event.

1.5. Voice Packs Added

Two new voice packs will be added for sale
Newly added voice packs

  • Jackie Sua
  • Aleven

1.6. New Theme Collection Added

2 New theme collections will be added to the game
Newly added collections:

  • SUMMER★day!
  • Neverland

1.7. Gems Purchase Event

For the duration of the event, rewards can be received based on the amount of Gems purchased. Check the event menu for more information.

1.8. Daily Login Event – Rewards change

Some of the rewards of the Daily Login Event (available for new players) have been changed.

  • Day 2 Reward: Confidence Syringe → Fiora (character)
  • Day 3 Reward: Fiora (character) → Confidence Syringe

1.9. Growth Quest Change

Some of the Growth Quest’s rewards have been changed.
The league restriction use of Accelerate/Ammo Supply/Arrow Supply has been lifted.

Growth Quest’s Rewards have been modified as follows:

  • Mouse 2nd Quest Reward: Wide Heal → Accelerate
  • Rabbit 4th Quest Reward: Ambush → Wide Heal
  • Horse 5th Quest Reward: Scout →Ammo Supply
  • Buffalo 6th Quest Reward: Counter Attack → Arrow Supply

1.10 Codex Added

Scenario Codex has been added to the game. The new feature provides lore/scenario content and will be updated with more content throughout future patches.

1.11. UI/UX Improvement

Several functions have been enhanced to provide players a better experience.
In-game item crafting navigation improved

  • A new item crafting navigation system based on Area has been added.
  • The new navigation system can be selected in Settings>In-game Settings>Recommended items based on the current area

The UI of the crafting menu has been improved

  • The crafting button has been enlarged, and some UI resources have been replaced.

Aglaia’s Pass preview added

  • Players will be able to access a preview of the episode, check the available rewards and additional notices before opening an episode.

A list displaying items available in supply boxes have been added

  • More information on Boosters / Supply boxes is now available from the game starting screen.

Item purchase button UX improvement

  • The purchase button has been improved and a pop-up window has been added to the purchase process.

Revive feature UX improvement

  • A button displaying ‘Revive your character’ will be displayed in the lobby after your character’s death

2. Combat

2.1. Team Match Server unification

The same regional server will be temporarily used for Team Match mode to insure a better matching experience.

2.2. Jan


  • Stamina Growth: +5 → +7

Hot-blooded Combo (Classic and Team Match)

  • Stacks consumed when Ardent Will is activated: 5 → 4

2.3. Nicky

Liver Blow (Classic and Team Match)

  • Liver Break duration: 9Sec → 12Sec

2.4. Echion

Call of Cadmus (Classic and Team Match)

  • Weapon evolving condition: Lv.6/Lv.13 → Lv.7/Lv.14

2.5. Johann

Sermon (Classic and Team Match)

  • Stamina consumed: 10 → 5

2.6. Items


  • Jewel Sword + Scimitar → Jewel Sword + Shamshir


  • New effect: Max Stamina +20

Cupid's Bow

  • Atk +48 → Atk +46


  • Steel Bow + Short Spear → Steel Bow + Javelin

Elemental Bow

  • Scorchbow + Mighty Bow → Scorchbow + Purified Water


  • Grade: Rare → Uncommon

Hand Cannon

  • Grade: Rare → Uncommon

2.7. Item Skills


  • 120Secs cooldown added.

Network PC

  • GPS:
    • 1 Stack is deducted every 15Secs

2.8. Map

Lumia Island

  • Fire Station:
    • Fire Helmet: 1 → 0

2.9. Item Removed

Mighty Bow

  • Item removed.

2.10. Wild Animals

Dr. Wickeline (Team Match):

  • One Random legendary grade armor gear is dropped upon Dr. Wickeline death in Team Match mode.

3. Bugfixes

  • The issue of Echion’s exclusive weapons being given to AI has been fixed.
  • The issue when the selected aptitude was not reflected after being changed in the Team Match setting screen has been fixed.
  • The issue that prevented starting a game when an expired aptitude was being selected has been fixed.
  • Nickname cannot be changed when queuing for a game.
  • The issue when the weapon’s skill icon was not being displayed after changing a weapon with Johann’s Consecration skill has been fixed.
  • The issue of red dots that appeared after Aglaia’s Pass quest improvement has been fixed.
  • The issue of Aglaia’s Pass not being displayed properly after using the ‘claim all rewards’ feature has been fixed.