We are sorry for the inconvenience you may have encountered following the matchmaking issue that occurred on December 1st.
On December 1st, matchmaking was unavailable from 7:40 AM to 8:09 AM (GMT+9). 
Fortunately, the issue has not been observed since, and the server works normally.

We are doing our best to understand the cause of the issues so that it does not happen in the future.

As a compensation reward, players will receive 5,000 Gold in their mailbox upon logging into the game from December 2nd, 2:00 PM (GMT+9) to December 4th, 1:00 AM (GMT+9).
[Compensation Reward]
- 5,000 Gold
- Users logging into the game between December 2nd, 2:00 PM (GMT+9) and December 4th, 1:00 AM (GMT+9)