This additional patch aims to solve the remaining issues. The patch is optional, be we recommend updating the game since it solves some important issues.

8.7.01 Patch - details

[Fixed Issues]
- The issue with the Bears Roulette free draw timing has been fixed
- The issue that prevented to receive the First Purchase Event's reward even after completing the conditions has been fixed
- The issue when an aptitude is obtained in the Bears Roulette and not visible right away in the game preparation screen has been fixed
- The issue when the Booster Items are not visible in the game preparation screen after purchasing Buffalo Promotion Pack in the 'Best' category of the shop has been fixed
- The issue that caused the First Purchase Event's timer not to be displayed properly in the mini banner when both Buffalo Promotion Pack and First Purchase Event are available has been fixed.

[Additional information]
- Android devices
if the App version displayed on Google PlayStore Black Survival's page is still 8.7.00 and the update button is not visible, please manually close Google Play and go in the settings > App > Google Play Store and Clear the cache. You can then enter Google PlayStore and proceed to the 8.7.01 Update.

- iOS devices
For iOS devices, an issue prevents the Update list to be properly displayed on iOS 11.
If you encounter this issue, go into the Update tab, scroll down and refresh the Update list Then proceed to the latest update of the game.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.