A Pre-season will start at the end of Season 8, at the end of the Maintenance. The Pre-Season will last for about one month, until the next regular update.
- Rank Points obtained during the Pre-season will be reflected in the calculation of the soft reset at the beginning of Season 9.
- Rank Points obtained during the Pre-season will not affect Season 9 rewards.

1. Lobby

1.1. Tech Lab Update

‘Time Travel’ — themed limited items will be updated in the Tech Lab.
New Skins added
  • Future Sissela (Live2D Animated Skin)
  • Teen XiuKai (Live2D Animated Skin)
  • Future Eleven

(These product items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date November 18th, 2020 ~ December 9th, 2020. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech Lab products.)

(*Remaining Mileage will be automatically converted to Gems upon update*)

New Theme and Deco Items
  • New background theme and new decoration items added related to ‘Time Travel’

In-game Search Effect Items
  • Time-traveler's Watch (Limited)
  • Magic Hourglass
  • Ancient Time Capsule

1.2. New Tournament Items added

New Items will be added to the Tournament Shop.

New Skin Added
  • Cadet Leon

New Monologue added
  • Li Dailin’s Monologue

New Title added
  • Gastronomy & Gluttony (Condition: craft 10 food items in the same Tournament.)

1.3. Voice Packs added

Two new voice packs will be added for sale

Newly added voice packs
  • Sophomore Barbara
  • Professor Arda

1.4. Character's voice changed

The voice of the following character has been changed

Li Dailin's Voice (Basic)

1.5. Herbivore Promotion Package added

Horse/Buffalo/Elephant promotion package has been added

(*Each Promotion Pack can only be purchased once per account, users that have already met the condition to unlock the Promotion Pack will be able to purchase them on their release.*)

1.6. First Purchase Event

The First Purchase Event will be accessible after logging into the game. Users will be able to get one free character among 3 characters on their first purchase.

After making a purchase, users can choose to receive one free character among 3 different characters.
  • Event Duration: 7 days (starting from the first purchase)

(*Assistant Researcher items are not counted as a first purchase for the event.)

(*3,000BP will be distributed through Mailbox if you already possess the Character you get for free)

1.7. Access Codes removal

Starting from November 18 Update, Access Codes will be removed and replaced by Gems.

Access Codes Removal details
  • The Access Codes you possess will be converted into Gems as follows: 1 Access Code = 20 Gems
  • Access Codes will also be changed to Gems as a Tech Lab’s draw currency (10/100 Access Codes → 200/2000 Gems)
  • Mileage will be changed into Gems on Tech Lab item line-up’s change
  • Access Codes will be removed from the Daily Specials in the ‘Best’ category of the shop
  • Experiment Memories (x3) will be added as a free Daily Special Item in the ‘Best’ category of the shop
  • Access Codes will be replaced by Gems and Credits in Attendance Event / Aglaia’s Pass / Promotion Package

1.8. Bears Roulette Rework

Bears Roulette’s items and participation price has been reworked

  • 1-time draw: 500BP
  • 5+1 Times draw: 2,500BP
  • Free draw will be available once a day

New items added
  • Skins can now be obtained from the Bears Roulette

(*The value of the items available in the Bears Roulette has been increased accordingly to the participation price.)

1.9. Skins grades added

From now on, Skins will be divided into different grades based on their type (Limited, Live2D…): Basic/Superior/Rare/Epic/Legendary.

1.10. Character recommendation tag added

The new feature displays a recommendation tag in the Character list, which only applies to Herbivore Leagues. The recommended Characters will be tagged as ‘EASY’.

1.11. New Aptitude added

A new Aptitude, ‘Restoration’, has been added to the game

  • Available from Elephant 5
  • Effect: randomly cancel one Status Effect or debuff, and heals all injuries. (Cooldown: 80Sec)

1.12. Research Result Rework

Certain Research Results related to Ultra-vibration and Environmental Variables have been reworked.

Ultra-vibration Resonance (Special Results)
  • Effect: Armor Penetration rate +7% when HP is above 70% → Armor Penetration rate +7% when HP is above 50%

High-frequency Vibration (Basic Results)
  • Effect: Deals +8 extra damage when attacking a wild animal → Gain +30% Experience when killing a Wild Animal

Quantum Fluctuation (Basic Results)
  • Bullet/Arrow Effect: When loading Bullet/Arrow, load +1 → When loading Bullet/Arrow, load +2

EV-Type 1 CU (Special Results)
  • Effect: Start a match with 1 random type, common-grade gear that can be upgraded → Grants one random item among Dress, Dress Shirt, Bishop's Cassock at the start of a match.

EV-Type 2 HW (Basic Results)
  • Title: EV-Type 2 HW → EV-Type 2 LT
  • Effect: Get 1 Boiling Water at the start of a match → Grants 1 lighter at the start of a match

EV-Type 3 MRE (Basic Results)
  • Title: EV-Type 3 MRE → EV-Type 3 SCR
  • Effect: Grants 1 Scorched Rice Soup at the start of a match → Grants 1 Scrap Metal at the start of a match

2. Combat

2.1. Herbivore League new players policies

New policies have been implemented in early stages of the game (Beginner/Novice/Apprentice) to help new players adapt to the game

Player non-discovery Feature
  • Beginner/Novice/Apprentice players will not be discoverer by other players for a set amount of time at the beginning of a game. A message will be displayed in the Action Log when they will be able to meet enemies.

Item quantity
  • In Normal Match, items can be found in their respective area without limit of quantity until the restriction of the Area. (Does not apply to HP recovery items)

2.2. Wild Animal appearance notification

From now on, the Action Log will notify when wild animals appear in the current area or in the surrounding areas.

2.3. Injury effect

The following injury’s effect has been changed

Arm Injury
  • Effect deleted: -50% Mastery obtained when attacking an enemy

2.4. Nadine

Hunter’s Sight (Classic Match)
  • Cooldown: 30Sec → 15Sec

2.5 Hart

  • Atk Growth: 2.4 → 2.3 (Atk on lvl 18: 52.8 → 51.1)

2.6. Aya

  • Atk Growth: 2.3 → 2.1 (Atk on lvl 18: 53.1 → 49.7)

2.7. Shoichi

  • Lv 1 Stamina: 108 → 128

2.8. Bianca

Blood Transfusion
  • Notification about the amount of health healed added to the action log

2.9. Items

  • Red Muffler: Scarf + Holy Blood → Oilcloth + Holy Blood
  • Atk: 46 → 45

  • Ahriman’s Hand: Atk: 45 → 46
  • RuLai's Palm: Atk: 45 → 46
  • Bloodwing Knuckle: Atk: 44 → 45

Armor: Head
  • Prophet's Turban: Armor: 10 → 30

2.10. Area

  • Avenue: Kitchen Knife: 0 → 1

3. Bugfixes

  • The issue of the animal’s name not being displayed properly in the action log when Chloe attacks a wild animal has been fixed.
  • The issue of the League Information Icon not being displayed properly in the Researcher’s Profile for Herbivore Leagues has been fixed.
  • The issue of Aglaia’s Pass level reward pop-up window’s closing button not responding has been fixed.
  • The issue of certain pop-up texts not being translated has been fixed
  • Aglaia’s Pass reward details pop-up window’s text has been improved.