1. Lobby

1.1. Tech Lab Update

The 16th Mystery PC lineup ‘Aglaia’s Supply’ has released. This Tech Lab will focus on new skin and avatars, emoticons, and background themes. For more in-depth details, players may check on [Preview] announcements.

Newly Added Skins

- Seaside Rio (Live2D Animated Skin).

New Avatars added

- Adriana Avatar.
- Nathapon Avatar.

New Emoticons added

- Alex Emoticons
- Sua Emoticons

Re-release of Products

- Seaside Sua (Live2D) / Seaside Fiora / Seaside Arda / Seaside Pool (background).
- Hard-Boiled Lenox Live2D / Happy Rosalio Live2D

(**All the new products above will be available for purchase from August 5th, 2020 after maintenance until August 19th, 2020. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain this Tech Lab products*)

1.2. Release of Aglaia Pass Episode 6

The Episode in Aglaia’s Pass unravels various kinds of stories that are going on with specific Test Subjects during the experimentation. Players are able to progress with the story by meeting certain conditions and earn rewards upon completion.

Aglaia’s Pass Episode 6 'Wheel of Revenge' Release

- Rewards
- Episode story
- Episode Character Skins (Exclusive to Restricted Approval/ Top Confidential Approval)
- Ruthless Survivor Rozzi (Live2D)
- Truth Seeker Zahir
- Avenger Magnus
- Episode BG (Exclusive to Restricted Approval/ Top Confidential Approval)
- Helix (Lobby BGM)

* There might be slight differences in the Live2D animation compared to the community post animation that was announced.

1.3. Adjustment of Tournament’s Rewards and Tier policies

Several additions and changes will be made to the Tournament’s policies in order to ensure a better matching system for each Tournament’s League.

Tournament’s Tier calculation system adjustment:

- Players will now be moved to a higher Tier’s Tournament after winning a certain amount of time in their League’s Tournament.
- Calculations will be reinitiated after each Season.
- After 8.05 Maintenance, the calculation will be made based on previously accumulated data.

The Maximum Elimination Bonus has been reduced for some of the Tournament’s League.

2. Combat

2.1. Luke

Cleaning Service (Classic)

- Additional damage dealt for each Contract Completion’ stack: 2 → 3

2.2 Bianca

Blood Transfusion

- Blood Veil’s activation condition: 80+ Healing → 50+ Healing

Bloody Hands

- Change when activated: Gain EXP

2.3 Item


- Battle Axe
* Spear Handle + Hatchet → Bamboo + Hatchet


- Hanbok
* Dress + Rubber → Doctor’s Gown + Rubber

* Armor: 12 → 20