We prepared an additional Patch to fix the remaining issues. The patch is optional, but since it fixes important issues, we strongly recommend to update the game before playing. 

For iOS, the 8.3.02 version will be updated after being released on iOS.-8.3.02
 -Patch content-
- Intermittent game freeze and lag situation improvement.
The update pop-up window for this patch does not appear on Black Survival title screen. 
In order to proceed to the update, please check the Google Play store update icon. 
If the App version displayed in Google Play store is 8.3.01 and you cannot see any update icon, please close the game before entering the Play store - Settings - App - Google Play store and empty the cache. Then enter Google Play store again end go to Black Survival main page. You should be able to see the 8.3.02 version of the game and proceed to the latest update