[Announcement] July 22nd - Tournament Final Round participation issue
Hi, This is Black Survival.
Compensation rewards for July 22 Tournament Final Round participation issue will be distributed as follows.
1. Beneficiary
- Players who reached 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rank of the Preliminary Round on July 22nd's Tournament.
2. Rewards distribution
2.1. Tickets
- Tickets will be distributed based on the Tournament Mode selected for the Tournament. (Ex. Players who participated in Angelika mode will receive 5 Tickets)
2.2 TP
- Basic TP Reward based on League x Experience Mode's corresponding number of tickets. (Ex. Players who participated in Fox League with Angelika mode will get 1.500 * 5 TP).

- Amount of TP based on Leagues
* Fox League: 1.500
* Wolf League: 1.800
* Lion League: 2.000
* Bear League: 2.300
* Dragon League: 2.700
Once again, we truly apologize for the inconvenience.