Hello, this is Black Survival.

On July 22th, there will be regular server maintenance. The client requires a manual update to reflect the changes. The details of the patch are as the following:

8.3.00 Update (20.07.22)

1. Lobby

1.1. Tech Lab Update

‘Ocean Breeze’ — themed limited items will be updated in the Tech Lab.
  • Newly Added Skins
    - Seaside Emma (Live2D Animated Skin).
    - Seaside Sissela
    - Seaside Adela
(These product items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date July 22nd, 2020 ~ August 5th, 2020. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech Lab products.)
(*Remaining Mileages will be automatically converted to Access Codes upon update*)

  • New Theme and Deco Items
    - New background theme and new decoration items added related to ‘Ocean Breeze
  • Live2D Motion Updated for Existing Skin
    - Archaeologist Arda
(Players will require to purchase the Live2D ticket from the Credit Shop to activate this skin’s Live2D motion)
  • In-game Search Effect Items
    - Marine Blue Crystal (Limited)
    - Summer Night Cocktail - Beach Sparklers

1.2. New Items added to the Tournament Shop

2 New items have been added to the Tournament Shop.

  • Art Book
    - Since the Art Book need to be physically delivered, players need to send an inquiry to make a reservation.
    - You can send a purchase request if you have enough TP. TP will be deducted after communicating the delivery address and agreeing to the details of the delivery process.

  • Emma Monologue

1.3 New Character Release

A new Character, Bianca is released.

  • Bianca Release
    - Awakened Vampire Bianca (Skin)
    - Bianca’s Research Journal (Except Interview)
    - Bianca Character and Skin integrated pack will be on sale for a limited period

1.4. Voice Packs Added

Two new voice packs will be added for sale

  • Newly added voice packs
    - Seaside Arda
    - Champion Nicky

1.5 Season 8 Test Subject vote

The Test Subject Vote, starting after the update, will decide the character that gets a Test Subject Skin. For one month, you can vote to decide the season 8 characters’ special rewards.

  • Test Subject vote: details
    - Test Subject Vote will have 6 rounds. A designated number of characters will be eliminated at each round, based on the number of votes.
    - The Character receiving the most votes on the final selection vote will be granted a Test Subject Skin.
    - For each round, special rewards will be distributed to players who voted the most.
    - All rewards and items will be distributed at the beginning of season 9..
  • Vote Tickets event
    - For the duration of the Test Subject Vote event, in-game currencies will be distributed as a reward based on the amount of Vote Ticket used.

1.6 Live 2D Skin Parts ON/OFF function added

Skin parts ON/OFF function is now available for some of the skins.
When parts of the skin are disabled, it only applies to your own screen. Other players will still see these parts on their own screen.
  • The new function will be available as follows:
    - Lobby
    * Main Lobby
    * Character’s details
    * Character’s skin sharing screen
    * Research Center

    - In-game
    * Search screen HUD
    * Status screen
    * Result screen
    * Result sharing screen

1.7 UI/UX Improvements

Several functionality improvements have been made for the player’s convenience.

- The area where Tournament’s titles are displayed has been expanded. (Matching screen, waiting room).
- The visibility of the Tournament’s remaining time displayed has been improved.
- The issue when standby participants could saw “victory” has been fixed.
- Live2D Cadet Skin’s icon has been added.

2. Combat

2.1 Zahir

  • Eye of Azrael (Classic)
    - cooltime: 90Sec → 60Sec

2.2 Nadine

  • Status
    - Atk growth: 1.5 → 1.6

2.3 Aya

  • Double Shot
    - Cooltime: 60Sec → 50Sec

2.4 Luke

  • Cleaning Service (Classic)
    - Cannot gain stacks from Jenny when Play Dead is used.

2.5 Rozzi

  • Easy Shot
    - Cooltime: 60Sec → 50Sec

2.6 Item

  • Hand
    - Bloodwing Knuckle
    * Atk 43 → 44

    - White Claw Punch
    * Atk 30 → 32

  • Other
    - Network PC
    * Stamina consumption: 30 → 0

2.7 Item drop

  • Lumia Island
    - Archery range
    * Feather: 2 → 0
    * Pickaxe: 0 → 2

3. Bugfixes

• The bug when players could not enter the Tournament on the first attempt even during Tournament available time has been fixed.
• The bug when Preliminary Round Participation’s UI was displayed on the right of the Tournament’s main screen after successfully entering the Final Round has been fixed.
• The issue when “Top %” ranking information was occasionally incorrectly displayed has been fixed.
• The issue when “Preliminary Round Information” was displayed in the Tournament’s Ranking menu even after participating in the Final Round of the Tournament has been fixed.
•The issue when “Rank 0” was displayed on the bottom left of the Tournament’s main screen after winning has been fixed.
• The issue when the player’s level and the Nickname were overlapping in the result screen has been fixed.
• The issue when Vital Crash’s effect didn’t apply when used with Holy Messenger Eva Live2D Skin has been fixed.
• The issue when the currencies were not displayed when entering the Tech Lab for the first time after logging into the game has been fixed.
• William's, Jan's and Luke’s special texts have been fixed.