[Patch Note] 8.2.00 Update (20.06.24)

Hello, this is Black Survival.

8.2.00 Update (20.06.24)

1. Lobby
1.1. Tech Lab Update
‘Virtue and Vice’ — themed limited items will be updated in the Tech Lab.
• Newly Added Skins
- Holy Messenger Eva Live2D Animated Skin)
- Evil Incarnate Camilo
- Gatekeeper Zahir
(These product items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date June 24th, 2020 ~ July 8th, 2020. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech Lab products.)
(*Remaining Mileages will automatically change to Access Codes upon update*)
• New Theme and Deco Items
- New background theme and new decoration items added related to ‘Virtue and Vice’.
• Live2D Motion Updated for Existing Skin
- Hanfu Eleven
(Players will require to purchase the Live2D ticket from the Credit Shop to activate this skin’s Live2D motion)
• In-game Search Effect Items
- Goddess's Orbuculum (Limited)
- Devil's Whisper
- Angel's Feather
1.2. Tournament official opening
Tournament that was in Beta version will now open officially.
• Rules and policy
- Tournaments open every day at PM 8:00 (GMT+9)
- Tournaments will hold Preliminary Rounds and Final Rounds. Rewards will depend on the Round/League/Ranking achieved.
- The amount of Tournament Tickets required to participate will differ on the selected mode.
- Thomas’ Experiment: 1 Ticket
- Nadja’s Experiment: 2 Tickets
- Meiji’s Experiment: 3 Tickets
- Angelika’s Experiment: 5 Tickets
- Depending on the Tournament’s mode you chose, rewards will be *1, *2, *3, *5.
- Tickets will be deducted after being successfully matched for the Preliminary Round.
• Tournament matching system:
- The matching system will be carried based on Tournament Leagues.
- The matching system is not related to the Tournament Mode.
For example, a player selecting Thomas’ Experiment and playing in Dragon League can be matched with a player selecting Angelika’s Experiment and playing in Dragon League
• Participation rewards
- Ranking rewards: Tournament Points (TP)
- Elimination Rewards: Gems
- Changing from Gold to Tournament Points, rewards have been modified accordingly to the change in currency. (Rewards will differ from Beta Tournament).
• Weekend-limited free mode
- During the Weekend, every mode will be discounted by one Ticket (Thomas Experiment will become free).
• Tournament Shop opening/New items added (purchasable with TP)
- Limited Skins
- Cadet HyunWoo (Live2D)
- Cadet Jackie (Live2D)
- Test Subject Monologues
- Rozzi Monologue
- Eleven Monologue
- Researcher’s Titles (displayed on the profile, when sharing a character and on the game results screen)

1.3. Item Shop: New products added
2 New products related to Tournaments have been added.
 Tournament Membership added
 Tournament Tickets added

1.4. New quests added
2 New quests related to Tournaments have been added
 Attendance: 1 time (Reward: 1 Tournament Ticket)
 Participation in a Tournament 1 time (Reward: 1 Tournament Ticket)
If the weekly quests have already been received, the new quests will be available from the next week.

1.5. Voice Packs Added
Two new voice packs will be added for sale.
• Newly added voice packs
- Officer Aya
- Chiara The Fallen
1.6. Gems/Access Code consumption event
Event duration: June 24th, 2020 ~ July 5th, 2020.

1.7. UI/UX Improvements
Several functionality improvements have been made for player’s convenience.
 Account sync:
- The alarm pop-up window showing when trying to proceed with a payment or use the transfer function with a guest account has been improved.
 Research support / advanced Research support Gems distribution system has been modified
- 150 Gems will be received through the mailbox when the purchase is made (On the day of the purchase, 2 mails will be received with 150 Gems and 100 Gems)
- If Advanced Research Support is purchased while there is

2. Combat
2.1. Research Results
• Healing Cell
- Special Result: Healing Cell Activation
- Damage taken: -2 -> -1
2.2. William
• Skill rework
- Breaking Ball (both Classic and Team)
- Monotonous skill mechanism improvement
- Type: Combat
- Cooltime: 40 Seconds
- Activate different effects depending on William’s current Stamina:
- Change Up (~100): Lands a normal attack an decrease the opponent’s Stamina by 15
- Fastball(101~150): Lands a normal attack with +7 additional damage
- Power Curve (150~200): Lands a normal attack with +15% lifesteal
- Hard Slider(201~) Lands a basic attack with +15% armor penetration
• Stats
- Lvl1 Atk: 16 -> 14
- Atk Growth: 2.2-> 2.1
2.3. Jan
• Skill Rework
- Octagon Fever (both Classic and Team)
- Improvement on the stack mechanism / reduction of the difficulty to keep the stacks.
- Type: Field
- Cooltime: 60 Seconds
- Duration: 20 Seconds (Acquired stacks do not have time limit)
- Declare the current Area as Octagon. The survivors in the Area are considered as Challengers for the next 20 seconds. Each time Jan lands an attack to a Challenger in the Octagon, he gains one Octagon Fever stack. If a Challenger dies or leaves the area, he gains 2 stacks (12 stacks max)
- Octagon Fever: Depending on the number of stacks
- 5 Stacks: Reduce damage taken by 1
- 10+ Stacks: Reduce damage taken by 2, and activates Ardent Will
- Ardent Will: Accuracy rate +10% Armor +10 (Octagon Fever can be maintained only when accumulating 10 stacks or more)

- Hot-Blooded Combination (both Classic and Team)
- Improved to provide more diverse strategies.
- Type: Combat
- Cooltime: none
- In addition to his basic attack, consume 1 Octagon Fever stack and delivers a combo attack. If Ardent Will is activated, consume 5 stacks and give one extra effect
- 1 stack consumed: skill damage +2
- 5 stacks consumed: skill damage +8, Slowed(3seconds)
- Slowed: search speed reduced by 15%

2.4. Leon
• Rapacious Collecting (both Classic and Team)
- Cooltime: 40 seconds → 30 seconds
• Stats
-Lvl1 Stamina 116 → 130

2.5. Barbara
• Body Modification (Classic)
- Atk/Armor bonus based on gun’s rarity: 1/3/6/10/15 -> 1/3/5/10/15

2.6. Sissela
• Unshackled (both Classic and Team)
- Cooltime: 60 seconds -> 70 seconds

2.7. Luke
• Cleaning Service (Classic)
- New condition added: cannot be used against wild animals.
- Status Effect rework: Luke’s Customer
- When killed by Luke, grants Luke 1 permanent Contract Completion stack.
- Contract Completion: Attacks deal additional damage 2 * No of Contract Completion Stacks.

2.8. Eleven
• MUKBANG (both Classic and Team)
- Duration: 10 seconds -> 8 seconds
• Donation (both Classic and Team)
- New condition added: The skill cannot be used against the same opponent twice in a row.
- Cooltime: 40 seconds -> 50 seconds

2.9. Item Adjustments
• Stab
- Atk: 45 -> 46
• Bow
Cupid's Bow
- Composite Bow + Crimson Bracelet -> Composite Bow + Ruby

3. Bugfixes
 The bug when the Researcher Level did not display properly after leveling up and going to the lobby (unless restarting the game) has been fixed.