[optional patch] 8.1.01

Hi, this is Black Survival.

This additional patch aims to solve the remaining issues. The patch is optional, be we recommend updating the game since it solves some important issues.8.1.01 Patch details

- The issue of the game currencies being not displayed properly when entering the Tech Lab has been fixed.
- The issue with the notch being automatically/forcefully displayed on iPhone SE2 has been fixed
- In Single match, when being promoted to herbivore League, the issue of the tier symbol appearing instead of the placement icon in the result screen has been fixed.
- After finishing the placement matches in Carnivore League, the issue of seeing the placement match not completed in the result screen has been fixed.
- The issue of the Researcher Level not being properly displayed has been fixed.
[Additional information]
No pop-up window about the patch appears on the loading screen of the game. In order to update the game, you must check the update button appearing in the Store.
- In Google Play Store, if the Black Survival Page displays 8.1.00 as the app version and you can't see any Update button: close the store, go in the settings - app - Google Play Store and empty the cache. Then open Google Play Store and go to the Black Survival page to proceed to the update.
- for iOS devices: There is an issue of the Update list being not properly displayed with iPhone iOS 11.
- If you encounter this issue, go into the Update tab, scroll down and refresh the Update list. Then, proceed to the latest update of the game.Thank you, sorry for the inconvenience.