-You can apply for the streamer support program If you broadcast more than 10 hours in the last month.
(Only count videos of 60 minutes or more)


-If you selected as supported streamer, you will be a member of 'Team BS'.
You can share information and communicate with other team members in Team BS Discord channel.
-If you are broadcasting your program on Twitch, other channels of Team BS will automatically host your channel.

-You can get reward every month according to your broadcasting hours.
Detailed contents and regulations are indicated on the application form.

-If you plan on holding events regularly, we can support you with Gems for your viewers.
We can send up to 1000 Gems per week. Each viewer can only receive up to 50.
If you'd like to do an event, please DM us details on the event,
including what it'll be about and the rules it will follow.
As a word of caution, the event must be done only during the broadcast.


-If the video violate the law or include some morally or socially irresponsible,
you can be excluded from the support program and we Nimbleneuron are not responsible for those problems

-Twitch streamers should set the category of the video to 'Black Survival'

Application link