If you do guest login, guest account will be created.
You have two options after guest account creation.

1. If you want to go back to previous account

Check your Android version and if it is above 6.0, check whether permission to access is not granted,
If it is not 6.0, click the Guest Login button first and enter the game.
Go to [Main Lobby]-[Settings]-[Device Sync]-[Google play not connected]
Choose the Google email you have been using and try to sign in again!

If none of the following solves the issue, if you could somehow sign in, go to [Main Lobby]-[Settings]-[Inquiry/Report] and send us an inquiry or contact us at cs@nimbleneuron.com and we will look for solutions as soon as possible.

2. If you want to continue using the data in Guest account

Guest account can be synched to new Google account/Apple ID that was not used to access Black Survival before.
After it is connected to Google account/Apple ID, it becomes a proper account.

However, when you connect the account that had Black Survival account and sync it to guest account
All data used in guest account will be deleted.

When you connect Google account/Apple ID
Please make sure it was not used to connect to Black Survival before.