By adding intuitive confirmation steps, we’ve done everything we can to limit accidental purchases from being made in the game. When making a purchase with gems, you will always be notified, and asked to proceed before spending any actual gems. This has done very well in limiting these instances. 

Because the game is a live, online multiplayer game, reversing changes would have adverse effects on other players you've interacted with. However, Our policy is to refund one (1) purchase of a character or a skin within 30 days of the transaction. If we refund a character that you have already purchased a skin for, the skins will be deleted. However, skins deleted in this way are not refunded. To get the value of the skin back, you must refund the skin only.
Furthermore, Gold spent to promote a character is not refunded either. Character Packages are also not subject to refund.
Once you choose to refund a character, the order may not be cancelled.

We also offer refunds for booster items. After we check the usage of the item, 80% of the price will be returned. Please note that consumables such as fountain pen cannot be refunded.