If you lost your Google account or Apple ID, check your operating system and follow the instructions below.
1. Check if you have added correct Google Play account.
2. Go to 'Main Lobby - Settings - Device Sync - Connected to Google' and select the account to use on popup.
3. If there is no change after choosing your account or it fails, please check the Device Sync failed in FAQ.
1.Sign in with email address connected to your lost account to Game Center. You can sign in by going to 'Device Settings - Game Center - Apple ID'.
2. If you sign in with correct Game Center/Apple ID, game will send message to fetch the right account. If you can't fetch the right account , you could be using the wrong email.
If you lost your Steam Id, Please contact Steam's Customer Inquiry Center.
If following the instructions do not solve the issue contact us through cs@nimbleneuron.com or go to 'Main Lobby - Settings - Inquiry/Report' and we will try to find solution as soon as possible.