Were you surprised Tutorial Screen suddenly appeared? :*(
Sorry for the trouble!
Firstly, your account did not reset or get deleted, so don't worry!

Currently, there is a problem with Google related app, so you temporarily did not sign in with Google account!
Follow the instructions below and you will soon find your account.

1. [Main Lobby]-[Settings]-[Device Sync]-[Connect to Google ID] button and list of all accounts on your device will appear. From there, choose the account you would like to sign in with.

2. If you fail to Device Sync, go to [Device settings]-[Manage Applications]-[Black Survival]-[Delete data] and restart. Then, try to sign in into Black Survival.

3. Lastly, if it doesn't work, just leave one Google account to sign in with and delete the rest for awhile and try to sign in into Black Survival.(Your account isn't actually deleted)
To delete accounts from your device, [Device settings]-[Accounts]-[Google] and select the account you could not sign in with - delete it. Restart your device, if you can properly sign into Black Survival, add the accounts you removed!

If none of the following solves the issue, if you could somehow sign in, go to [Main Lobby]-[Settings]-[Inquiry/Report] and send us an inquiry or contact us at cs@nimbleneuron.com and we will look for solutions as soon as possible.